Plaster Of Paris Manufacturers

Gypsum based plaster is commonly known as Plaster of Paris (POP). It is an ideal solution for making the walls smooth and decorating them exactly according to your preferences. You can easily cast it into a shape to derive the desired patterns and textures. Being one of the highly respected Plaster Of Paris Manufacturers In Rajasthan, Moonlight Plaster Industries is committed to deliver world-class products in the market. Our brand Kohinoor India has become synonymous to top-quality gypsum-based products. POP is widely used in the construction industry as there is no better option available to beautify the walls of a facility.

Reasons To Invest In Plaster Of Paris:

  • It can be mixed easily with water and this ease is also there when you spread it on the surface.
  • You can mold it into different shapes very conveniently.
  • Problem of shrinking and developing cracks on setting is also eliminated.
  • Fire-resistant qualities help you in ensuring the safety of the walls and the place.
  • Gypsum imparts smoothness and extra shine.

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