Gypsum Manufacturers

Plastering an exposed wall or surface inside your house is essential for protecting it from rainwater and vermin. It also gives the house a decorative lift by improving the appearance of the facility. Moonlight Plaster Industries is counted among the distinguished Gypsum Manufacturers In Rajasthan. Whether you need Gypsum Board or Gypsum Powder, we can deliver it to you. The gypsum manufactured by us has high impact strength and great bonding. It is also very lightweight which makes it easy to apply and improves the usability of the product. If you want excellent quality gypsum, get it from us.

Why Choose Gypsum Plaster?

  • Ease Of Application - This mixture of gypsum is extremely easy to apply. Ease in cleaning and outstanding workability is the reason behind its wide usage.
  • Textures - The workability of gypsum allows you to create textures and patterns. So, you can enhance the beauty of facility’s interiors.
  • Lower Impact On Environment - Sand cement plaster comes from river beds. It is not an unlimited source. Gypsum, on the other hand, can be sourced from natural resources and can also be synthesized artificially.

Our products can be found in the market under the brand name Kohinoor India. Whether you want Raw Gypsum or Natural Gypsum, you can get it from us. We are one of the foremost Gypsum Suppliers In India. Place your order right now.