Gypsum Plaster Manufacturers

Gypsum plaster is a better solution compared to the process of sand cement plaster, which is ecologically straining and time-consuming. Gypsum plaster is an age-old phenomenon used for centuries in the construction sector. Its unique properties provide excellent acoustic and thermal qualities while also providing smooth walls with an exceptional finish. Moonlight Plaster Industries is one of the most dependable Gypsum Plaster Manufacturers In Rajasthan. Our plaster is suitable for both hand and machine application. You can use it on internal surfaces or on external surfaces; the result will always be excellent.

Benefits Of Gypsum Ceiling Plaster:

  • Lighter Construction - This plaster is a lighter alternative to sand cement plaster for building construction. Using this plaster reduces the overall structural load on the building.
  • Faster Completion - You can finish your walls within 3 days and the wall will be ready for paint. This time is much lesser than sand cement plaster which might require almost a month.
  • No Shrinkage Cracks - You won’t experience the problem of shrinkage cracks after applying gypsum plaster to the walls.

You can find our White Gypsum Plaster Powder under the brand name of Kohinoor India in the market. We are one of the topmost Gypsum Wall Plasters Suppliers In India. Call now to place your order.