Dry Wall Putty Manufacturers

Moonlight Plaster Industries is one of the most eminent Dry Wall Putty Manufacturers In Rajasthan. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and all the modern tools to create world-class products. Our dry wall putty comes with the perfect combination of top-quality and affordability. We believe every product that goes out of our facility represents the standard of quality we adopt in our facility. Therefore, we put all our efforts in manufacturing every product so that the end product is flawless from every point. Our brand Kohinoor India is recognized in the market for excellent wall-care products. Get in touch with us to get Wall Putty right now.

Main Features Of Our Dry Wall Putty:

  • Water Resistant - The most essential and important quality of our dry wall putty is its water resistance. It protects the wall from any kind of damage.
  • Excellent Finish - Finishing of the wall will be excellent with this putty. Use it when you want the best appearance for your wall.
  • Strong Binding - The strong binding of this putty with building surfaces is second to none.

We are one of the Best Dry Wall Putty Suppliers In Rajasthan. Our Dry Putty For Walls is exceptional for any kind of surface. If you want the best Dry Putty both in terms of affordability and quality, call us right now.